Teach-In 2019

Alternative Education Teach-In 2019
Posted on 11/22/2019
Alternative Education Teach-In 2019Alternative Education would like to take a moment to thank all of the volunteers that took time out of their busy schedules to make Teach-In 2019 a truly memorable experience.  Below are some highlights from some of our sites.

Universal Education Center: 

Thank you all to everyone who pitched in to make the Teach-in event a big success. It continues to amaze me all the talented people who work at Universal Orlando Resorts and we are so blessed to have these resources at our fingertips.

*Dennis Reeves in reality has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to roller coaster design and animatronics coding. He started his career with many years working in the auto industry programming robots to assist in manufacturing vehicles.

*Andy Terechenok has worked for Universal for approximately 10 years and his marketing team do great work to promote the park and events throughout the year. He showcased some great advertisements and short videos that their department has created. The kids were very fascinated.He has many years experience as a graphic designer and art director.

*Kristin Chase is the Sr. Director of the Organizational Development (OD) department for Universal Parks & Resorts. She has contributed to Universal since 2003 through consulting and leading employee feedback surveys, performance and talent management, leadership development, mentoring, selection and assessment tool and competency model development, employee research, facilitation, and team effectiveness. She is a 2003 graduate of the UCF Masters' program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology,  She spoke to the students about their careers.