Orange Technical College Field Trip

Orange Technical College Field Trip
Posted on 02/06/2020
Orange Technical College Field Trip

Orange Technical College

On the 30th of January, Project Compass went on a field trip to Mid-Florida Tech. When we first arrived, we did a group photo to celebrate the “Class of 2020” and we were then seated in a big room which is known as “The Big Room” where they capture motions made by people with motion cameras to input into video games. It was then, everybody in the room was informed of how Mid-Florida Tech’s #1 goal was to help others be successful. 

Afterward, the tour began with us learning about how 3D terrains are made for games like Call of Duty. It was pretty interesting to say the very least because you get to see how you can change the terrain to look however you want it in graph form before seeing the final product in 3D form.  Additionally, we got to see “The Little Room” which is similar to the big room but smaller.

During our time at Mid-Florida Tech, we got to see a photography room with its own studio. This is where students can learn how to take and digitize pictures for things like fashion shows, yearbooks, and possibly graduations. We also got to see what seemed to be a “workshop” area where students can learn how to be an engineer, and how they can get a job in that area or something similar to it. 

Now, I hope I still have your attention because now it’s to talk about the staff and the students!

Thanks to Mr. Gram, also known as the man who gave us the tour; my school, along with a few others, and we got to meet a few of the staff members and students.  The teachers we met were actually pretty nice and gave us a good and clear explanation of what their classes are all about, and what their students can do with their new-found knowledge. Want to be a photographer? They got it! Want to be an engineer? They got it! Ever wanted to cook like Gordon Ramsay? They’ll help you! To cook that is… I cannot promise that you will turn into the next Gordon Ramsay but I’m not a chef, so let’s just move on shall we?

Overall, it was a pretty fun experience; the environment was nice; the subjects were interesting, and when you need help, there will be someone there to help you out!