Simon Mentoring Pilot Program

Simon Youth Academy Mentoring Program
Posted on 10/11/2019
Simon Youth Academy Mentoring ProgramThis morning Don Dooley and I embarked on an idea we had for a long time. He wanted to mentor our students and our students need the mentoring. 14 students and 14 mentors showed up this morning to NASCAR I-Drive for a breakfast and a little time together to get to know each other. We went over specifics of the program, expectations and plan of action for the mentors and mentees.

We paired off students with a mentor from the Simon Management Staff and participated in a fun ice breaker to get everyone loosened up to talk. We had a great morning!

We plan to meet monthly, we plan to get to know each other and we plan to work together the entire year to help students be successful NOT just at their current paths. As time goes on and they graduate, they can look back at this time knowing, we had people show them that there is hope and they truly cared!

Thank you to Simon Management staff for making this time commitment and to NASCAR I-Drive for the space and the yummy breakfast!  

-Sonia Ledge Lead Teacher Simon Youth Academy