Universal Education Center Teach-In 2020

Universal Education Center's Teach-In 2020
Posted on 11/19/2020
Picture of Teach-In Guest

Universal Education Center welcomed Mr. Chris Corcoran, a talent development manager at Universal Orlando Resorts for American Education Week Teach-In. He came to present on Tuesday, 11.17.20.

Chris had kids thinking straight from the first question, " Which game system is better, why?" Chris did a fabulous job in engaging the students. We had the [email protected] students participating via Microsoft Teams so they could be part of the action.

Chris discussed our "opinions" of others and how that can really damage teamwork. He used examples that the students could relate to and asked some great questions of the students as well.

Universal Education Center appreciates Mr. Corcoran's time and energy supporting this year's Teach-In and look forward to keeping in touch with him.

Picture of Teach-In Guest posing at welcome sign