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Opening August 2020

Bell Schedule
        8:30 am – 3:43 pm          

Assistant Principal
David Webster Gardiner


Randall Academy is a partnership between Orange County Public School's School-to-Work program and Randall Construction Holdings, Inc., which provides an alternative approach to traditional high school. Randall Academy is located on the grounds of Randall Construction, and students work alongside of their academic core classes, gaining valuable work experience and pay. The face to face instruction in a smaller setting, combined with a robust mentoring program, guiding students who are seeking a unique alternative setting with an engineering foundation.

A key highlight of Randall Academy is the Mentoring Program, as each student is paired with a highly qualified Randall team member. Mentors meet weekly with their mentees, and cultivate relationships to further their learning beyond the workplace or classroom. With very small class sizes in our customized learning space, individualized and focused attention can be given to all students by our certified OCPS teachers to help them reach their graduation & post-secondary goals.  Students will follow the core class progression based on their individual requirements for graduation. OCPS school bus transportation will be provided where applicable. 


-Must be 16 years of age or older

-Meet grade point average requirements
-Flexibility to be successful in a non-traditional school and work environment
-Commit to working at least 15 hours in the week, during the school day
-No major discipline referrals 
-Strong attendance record is key

To register your interest please complete the Randall Academy inquiry form, or E-mail directly to [email protected].

Randall Academy

3125 Clarcona Road
Apopka, FL 32703

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