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Welcome to Alternative Education, where we make every day, every class, every student matter. It is my pleasure to be principal of the eleven schools that are the Alternative Education family, a family made up of a broad range of schools ranging from residential to school-to-work to targeted educational programs. In every case, we focus our attention on students who would benefit from non-traditional school settings. 

At our school-to-work sites, students spend a half day at school and a half day learning job skills, while earning income and academic credits. By partnering with world-class agencies, such as Universal Orlando Resort, Randall Construction, Goodwill Industries, and Simon Youth Foundation, we offer students an incomparable  school environment where they can earn a high school diploma and also discover long-term career opportunities. 

Our specialized programs are aimed at drop-out prevention by supporting new- or soon-to-be-new moms or students with truancy concerns. Alternative Education is a place where students who have been adjudicated by (or are awaiting adjudication from) the justice system can continue their education. Additionally, some of our programs include a residential therapeutic component.

We understand that traditional school settings do not work for every student. As part of School Choice, our students have the unique opportunity to experience small, face-to-face classes designed to attend to their specific needs. Our teachers use an intervention-based model in which no student is left behind, resulting in some of the highest graduation rates in the district. 

We are excited for the 2023-2024 school year, and we invite you to join the Alternative Education family. 

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Every day, every classroom, every student!
Principal Bill Tovine


Vision & Mission

Orange County Public Schools

Vision: To ensure every student has a promising and successful future

Mission: With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways that lead our students to success


• High Expectations for Student Learning
• Student Social and Emotional Well-Being
• Dedicated and High-Quality Team
• Positive Climate and Safe Environment
• Efficient Operations
• Engaged and Invested Community

Alternative Education

Mission: The mission of Alternative Education is to provide a unique education environment. The delivery of services meets the individual learning needs of a diverse population in a nontraditional setting. Alternative Education provides a choice for students and parents, capitalizes on the high quality of available expertise, and fosters caring, respectful relationships where students are valued.

Alternative Education Acronyms

Alternative Education=Alt. Ed.
Alternative to Suspension=A2S
Juvenile Detention Center=JDC
Juvenile Offenders Program=JOP
Orange Youth Academy=OYA 
Project Compass=PC
Simon Youth Academy=SYA 
Universal Education Center=UEC

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