Teen Parent Program

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When teenage parents participate in the Teen Parent Program curriculum they qualify for funded child care. These students can have consistent, secure child care from a licensed provider of their choice while they attend school and progress towards earning their diploma.

The Teen Parent Program is a comprehensive program. Teen parents will not only be enrolled in a competency-based parenting course, they will receive pregnancy and parenting related instruction in the areas of prenatal and postnatal health care, parenting skills, the benefits of sexual abstinence, and the consequences of subsequent pregnancies.

The Teen Parent Program can occur at the home school or a student can enroll at the BETA School. At the home-school skilled teachers will work with the teen parents in a group before or after school, one day each week for an hour. High school students can earn 1/2 credit for the Parenting Skill Course, via Orange County Virtual School. This program is offered in every high school in Orange County Public Schools. At our middle schools, charter schools and alternative education centers, a teacher will be appointed upon request or need. 

Students may choose to attend BETA School, an alternative school with curriculum comparable to the student's course schedule, parenting classes, ESE and ESOL services. On-site childcare and counseling are provided.

For more information about BETA, students may call 407-374-2630, extension 6392236.

For more information about the Teen Parent Program, students may call 407-317-3700, extension 2022468. To have a representative contact you please complete the Teen Parent Program Information Request.

Teen Parent Brochure (English)

Teen Parent Brochure (Spanish)