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The Partners in Education program links businesses and organizations with schools to share resources, both in people and materials. Each flourishes from the support and prosperity of the other. Schools must prepare today's students for their entry into a competitive work force. When businesses take part in the education of these young people, they help strengthen the work force of the future. The Partners in Education program is vital in helping the community and the school system work and grow together.

The general requirements are simple:

  • The partnership needs to provide a benefit to the school, as well as be mutually beneficial to the business through cause-related marketing not advertising.
  • We define a partnership as completing at least three activities, for each school your organization partners with, during the school year. This is the minimum requirement for recognition of the partner relationship.

Become a Partner in Education with Alternative Education! We look forward to hearing from you.
Questions: Please E-mail Ms. Sonia Ledger or call 407-318-3150 Ext. 6382235

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Simon Property Group has adopted Simon Youth Academy through the
Adopt-A-School Program and they are fantastic Partners in Education.
The provide constant support to our students.
We can't say "Thank You" enough.
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One of our TOP Partners In Education is NASCAR I-Drive.
We appreciate all that they do for our school community. Logo
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