Creature Creation

Creature Creation
Posted on 11/03/2021
Picture of Students Participating in annual Creature CreationEvery year, the Wednesday before Halloween, the Simon Youth Academy (SYA) team holds its annual “Creature Creation” competition. This event allows the students the opportunity to get crafty and creative.

During this Circle of Power and Respect (CPR) session students are broken into groups of four and given the instructions to create a real creature/animal from the plethora of items provided (tissue paper, foam, feathers, yarn, ties, belts, flippers, table cloths, etc.) and anything they might find around the school.

The students are given approximately 30 minutes to transform one of their team members into the creature they’ve decided on, find three interesting facts about their animal, and come up with a noise, movement, or trick their animal can perform for the audience.

Once all of the creatures are presented, a team of elite and prestigious judges pick a winner based on creativity, team work, participation, audience reaction, use of materials, and accuracy as compared to the real animal. This is definitely a favorite activity around Simon Youth Academy and everyone is sure to have a good laugh or two.